march 2023

 Feel free to call the doctor’s below; their name and phone number are there for your convenience.

“Dr. Foster made my practice sale easier than I ever thought possible. The contracts were very detailed and covered everything A to Z. He is the best in the business! Thanks.”

Jack Morgan, DC


“I’d like to thank Dave Foster for delivering exactly as he promised–the professional expertise needed to sell my business’ chiropractic patient files.  From the moment we first talked, I could tell he had the knowledge and trustworthiness to lead me through the process of reaching out to the local chiropractic market, useful conversational skills when dealing with potential buyers, and to writing up a contract of sale that benefited me.  Both myself and the buyer walked away feeling that we had been respected and both got what we had been looking for. Dave Foster provides a inexpensive way of securing a solid contract that would be 10x stronger than anything a lawyer could provide.  Thanks Dave.”

Phil Kotzan, DC


“Dr. David Foster was the rockstar who facilitated my complicated partnership negotiation! I was in the middle of a stalled business partnership mediation when a colleague recommended Dr. David Foster.  He was immediately supportive, available and incredibly efficient. Whereas before we were stalled and working with mediators and attorneys who did not understand chiropractic practice, David was endlessly creative and engaged and helped us to get to resolution that felt good to both parties.  He not only saved us thousands of dollars but our investment in his services was very affordable. In a nutshell, his unique skill set and practical get it done process was unprecedented. I recommend him highly.”

Heidi Skye, DC

(415) 847-7546

“David was really amazing to work with. He’s a chiropractor’s chiropractor who has a great business background and plenty of experience working with contracts of many types. He was able to find a creative solution for a unique situation that I needed help with. His approach is very straightforward, with a high degree of integrity. The cost was much less than a lawyer with a better understanding of the buy/sell process. I highly recommend his services!!”

Darren Hart, DC


“I decided to sell my practice after nearly 12 years of building a Wellness Clinic. There was a tremendous amount of anxiety, confusion, concern, and just an all around sense of being naïve to the business process of selling something that I had built from scratch. Enter Dr. Foster. He set me at ease, made the process understandable as well as acceptable for me to move forward with, and all for an extremely nominal fee. Throughout the process he really held my hand and coached me through the process. It was clear that he had had vast experience with buying and selling Chiropractic Offices, and he really seemed to know the current state of the market for selling a practice like mine. The entire process was overseen b Dr. Foster. It was just great to have a friend on your side help guide the process,and was always so responsive to my call, emails or texts anytime if I needed a question answered or a comment responded to. I highly recommend his professional service to anyone looking to sell their practice, as I was.”

Jacob Lyhne, DC
(925) 360-6277

“Thank you for all of your wonderful help in selling my Chiropractic practice. Before being introduced to you the practice had been with a broker for eight months without a single offer being generated, even though the it was generating close to a half million dollars a year in gross income, and had been voted the best Chiropractic office in our city of over 300,000 people. Within a month you had a series of prospective buyers coming to the office, and within three months had closed the deal. I really appreciated your straightforward, honest approach; you did everything you said you’d do, when you said you would do it. I will highly recommend your services to my Chiropractic friends, and you are welcome to have prospective clients give me a call to ask about my experience. It may take me a day or two to get back to them, because thanks to you I’m spending a lot of time at the beach these days!

Dr. Leonard McGill
Author: The Chiropractor’s Health Book

“As a chiropractic management consultant, I often recognized the desire for our clients to have a will-call coaching session.  Unfortunately, the organization I was with only allowed for monthly fees and contracts.  While I always felt that my clients got a tremendous return on their investment with regular coaching, I sometimes felt like the session was “forced” or “expected” due to contract instead of out of true necessity.

In a similar way to getting the most out of a seminar in the hallways, your situational coaching is the real deal.  When the student is ready to learn, the teacher shows up so to speak.  You are that teacher.  Thanks for helping me navigate the best possible scenario for my practice!  By sharing your real life situations and going above and beyond to help us form a win-win relationship, I am confident that our office overhead will diminish by at least 10K/mo over the next six months.  Patients in our community should thank you as well as they will be able to access chiropractic from 6am to 7pm 5 days a week without a single burnt out chiropractor!”

Charles. L Schuster, DC

“I was referred to Dr. Foster by a friend when I decided to sell my chiropractic practice.  My friend had used Dr. Foster’s contracts before and she said that he was very knowledgeable when it came to buying, selling, and hiring associates.

I had never bought or sold a practice before, so I had no idea what I was doing.  Initially, Dr. Foster spoke with some of my potential buyers and helped to get them comfortable with the process.  When I finally found the best fit for my practice, Dr. Dave helped me put together a great contract that we could both understand.  Not only was he extremely professional, but he always returned my phone calls and emails almost immediately.  On many occasions, if he did not hear from me in a while, he would call me just to check in and see how things were progressing.

I could tell that he was truly interested in helping me all the way to the end of my transaction.  I am so glad that I chose Dr. Foster to help me through the complicated process of selling my practice.  I would highly recommend his services!”

Carrie L. Chmielewicz, DC

“I recently had the privilege of working with Dr. Dave in purchasing my first practice. I was very apprehensive and nervous needless to say because this decision could have a profound impact on my professional career.

I was looking for someone who was fair and had my best interest at heart not just trying to make a sale. Dave went above and beyond in alleviating all my fears and concerns. Not only was he knowledgeable but he was very thorough in making sure all the necessary steps were taken for the purchase to take place. He made a very difficult and time consuming process seem so easy.

Words cannot express how grateful I am to Dr. Dave for making my dream come into fruition.”

Neil Lewis DC

“David Foster’s Back Office Consults was extremely beneficial and made my life much easier during the process of selling my practice to my associate. He is very profession, direct, affordable and has a wonderful way of working with both parties, selling and purchasing of a practice. I highly recommend Dr Foster as a consult to assist in selling or purchasing a practice.”

Dr Brettney Ramsour

“I recently sold my chiropractic practice in Wilmington, Delaware with the help of Dr Dave Foster. The process took less that 7 weeks and went very smoothly. I want to thank you, Dr Dave. The most important part of the process was the negotiations which where easy with his help. He predicted what would happen, how to communicate effectively, and how to handle different scenarios in the negotiations with the buyer. His experience in the Chiropractic industry and the art of buying and selling businesses is evident. I could not have done it without him!  Thanks, again.”

Heather L. Rooks, DC

“I am writing this letter to let you know how pleased I was with the way David Foster handled the sale of my husband’s Chiropractic Practice.

My husband passed away suddenly and I tried for several months to sell his practice on my own.  I had to meet with people almost every day and needless to say, it was very tiring and heartbreaking given my circumstances.

David had seen an ad that I had placed with a Chiropractic College and offered to help me find a buyer.  Within a week, he found someone that was very interested and we closed on the sale within three weeks.  He figured out for me what the sale price should be, which I thought was very fair to both myself and the buyer.  He handled all the questions that the buyer had and also helped him to figure the down payment and financing.  David also had his own contract, which my lawyer agreed upon and it saved me a lot of money in legal fees.

I feel that David handled the sale of my husband’s practice in a very knowledgeable and professional manner.  He was also very understanding, friendly, and easy to work with.  He had a genuine concern for me and the buyer of the practice.  He wanted us both to be happy with the outcome of the sale.

I would highly recommend David Foster if you are looking to either buy or sell a Chiropractic Practice.  He helped me through a very tough time in my life.  I really don’t know what I would have done without him. If you would like more information, please feel free to contact me.”

Laurie Yancius

“Thank you for your help with my practice expansion.  Your insight and experience has been invaluable.  You have taken the guess work out of finding the right associate and how to train them to duplicate my efforts. I would highly recommend you to anyone looking to take their business to a new level.”

Dale Scott, Jr., DC

“Your service has more than exceeded my expectations. I initially intended to utilize your talents to assist me in the negotiations and transition of the purchase of my practice.  My background in chiropractic came from an associate doctor’s perspective.  As a result, I had difficulty running the business of chiropractic which took away from my passion and my ability to practice chiropractic.  Foreseeing potential problems I sought consultants.  Many of them had cookie cutter systems that did not address the challenges of running a business or leave any potential for growth.  I just felt like I was spinning my wheels and not using my time effectively.

When I remembered my experience with Dr. Foster during the acquisition of my practice and how he taught me concepts on how to create and look at a deal.  My perspective changed on how I view a business and I could apply these concepts in different areas of my life.  So I gave him the opportunity to assist me in the running of my business.

It’s a little over 2 months since I made that decision.  I feel happy to say that much of the stress created from running the business and not knowing what to do on a day to day basis has transformed into inspiration /motivation.  Most importantly I now can compartmentalize my responsibility as a business owner and as a chiropractor.  This gives me the ability to focus and excel at each task versus trying to wear two hats at once.

The characteristic I admire and value the most about Dr. Dave is the straight talk. (“Just telling it how it is Attitude”)  I would definitely have to say that my success has a direct relationship with my association with Dr. Foster.”

Dr. Adonis Alejandro

“Words alone can not express how grateful I am to you for helping me to sell my practice.   You have all of the steps to the selling of a practice all planned out.  You made a seemingly difficult process, successful and painless.    My specific needs were to sell 50 percent of one practice with the intention of opening a new practice less than ten miles from the original.  I gave you a real challenge.

First, you made a comprehensive evaluation and appraisal of the practice.  Even the buyer was impressed.  Your support and negotiation skills exceeded my expectations.  You really taught me how to better utilize patience.

Then, you customized a thorough yet concise contract for the sale of the practice.  The Buyer and I each had attorneys look it over to make possible changes.  Only minor changes were made.  Believe it or not, my attorney told me that if he would have been asked to customize this contract from scratch, it would have been far more expensive.

In one of your articles, you boast to the readers how you have an ‘awesome ability to drive your four-wheel motorcycle up steep hills and plow through thick mud.’  If your riding skills are similar to your negotiating skills, ability to customize such a thorough yet concise contract and the capabilities to evaluate the value of a practice; then you should be able to ride your four-wheeler up Mount Everest.”

Michael Sosa DC

“I read about David Foster in Chiropractic Products for the first time.  I then called him up.  We talked briefly and I realized he was a compassionate, honest, pick and shovel, concerned about his profession and colleague’s chiropractor.  He also is a businessman.  One who understands the marketplace in which we practice in.

As such, fair exchange is not only important to survive, but an ethical law.  David made me immediately aware that he was willing to share but that he also did not work for nothing.  Once established our dialogue was centered on our work, namely, serving the public, getting paid, and giving back to the profession.  His willingness to share, and not allowing himself to be taken advantage of, has been a great experience for me.  He has a wealth of not only information, but practical, successful experience.

I think the essence of his mission is to share his knowledge, experience, and success, and get paid for it, be it in the patient arena, or the consulting arena.  This makes a strong case for a win-win situation, allowing all parties to benefit, thrive and go forth, continuing to serve.  This allows each who so desires to fulfill their purpose in Chiropractic.  I think David Foster has the unique position to teach both as a successful practitioner and consultant.”

George Siegfried DC

“Please accept this unsolicited testimonial on behalf of the outstanding service provided by Dr David Foster.  I was interested in purchasing an office in my home town but unfortunately could not come to terms with the selling doctor on the value of the practice.  Out of desperation, I did an online search for an office appraisal service and proceeded to call Dr Foster.  From my initial conversation I knew that Dr Foster was the guy we needed in the ring to make sure this would be a fair fight.  His suggestion of being equally hired by both parties, allowing him to stay neutral was exactly what was needed to make the deal happen.  Dr. David is extremely professional, fast, accurate and true to his word.  The fact that he is a Chiropractor was an added bonus as he has lived the experience of buying and selling a practice or two and truly knows what a practice is worth.  I am now the proud owner of a practice in my home town at fair price and I owe it all to Dr Foster.”

Dr John Panicali

“I wanted to send you a note to say thank you so much for all of your time, advice & guidance (not to mention the “hand-holding”) through the entire process of selling my practice.  From our first conversation, to preparing the Appraisal and then completing the Sales Contract, I found myself turning to you for most every issue (large & small) that arose.

I did a considerable amount of research when looking for a broker when I decided to retire.  Being in Southern California it only made sense that I should use a local company/person.  But, after speaking with several local companies that specialized in Chiropractic practices it became apparent to me that where they were located was irrelevant.  None of the local brokers thought actually visiting my office was necessary.  As this approach seemed to be the industry standard, I widened my search and came upon you & the services you offered.

It was extremely important to me that I work with…..1) a Chiropractor; 2) one that was experienced in appraisals, negotiations, contracts & sales; 3) a person interested in a finalized transaction that would serve the good of everyone involved (including my patients).

I could go on with the details but, I think I’ve made my point by now.  Please feel free to pass along my contact information to others that may be interested in your services.  I’d be more than happy to speak with them, openly & honestly, regarding our relationship and the successful outcome of the final sale.  If I’m not mistaken, a very good friend of mine has already began appraisal process with you as a result of sharing my experience with him. Again, thank you for everything Dave.”

Dave R. Mull, DC
562-598-5377 / Mobile 562-773-6829

“The document/contract received was a great stand alone outline in itself for creating a professional agreement that covers the specific needs of a chiropractic practice. During our phone consultation, Dr. Foster aided in the editing process by posing questions and adding antidotes & stories that reflect his experience in operating multiple chiropractic practices. I am confident that the benefits of his service was pivotal in creating an easy and straight-forward contractual relationship between the multiple doctors in our practice. Thank you Dr. Foster!”

Mischa N. Doman, DC
Kemmy L. Taylor, DC

“I came to Dr. David Foster as a recent graduate looking to buy a practice and get started with my career.  Chiropractic school didn’t prepare me for running or purchasing a business, so I came to Dr. Foster with many questions and in need of a lot of help.  Dr. Foster took time to listen about my situation, then took me step by step through the process of what I needed to do, questions I needed to be asking, and office statistics I had a right to as a buyer of a chiropractic office.  He also gave me great advice and counseling along the way that was invaluable for me at the time.  For me he acted both as a professional broker and as a great coach that helped motivate me and have confidence in what I was doing.  His advice and professional expertise were worth well more than the money spent on his services.  I have already referred a fellow classmate to him, and will continue to send anyone looking to buy or sell a chiropractic office to him in the future.”

Benjamin Gunn DC

“When I made the decision to sell my chiropractic practice, I started doing some research to learn about the process.  I had no experience in buying or selling a practice, so I knew I needed some guidance.  I came across an article written by Dr. David Foster that was very informative and I decided to give him a call.

There were 3 things that I gleaned from that first conversation with David.  1.) He is a practicing chiropractor and he understands what it was like to currently be in practice.  2) He has had the experience of buying and selling many practices and understands the psychology and emotions of both the buyer and seller.  3) He has good business instincts, common sense, and the ability to be very efficient with time spent in phone consultation.  I came away from that conversation knowing that I had found an ethical, honest, and knowledgeable consultant, and I hired him to help me through the selling process.

David evaluated my practice and helped me come up with a fair price.  By using the Back Office Consults website, I was able to present my practice with statistical accuracy and attractive pictures to prospective buyers.  I was then able to contact the potential buyers who were already educated as to the details of my practice.  This enabled me to keep the sale confidential and kept me from wasting a lot of time on the phone.

When it came time to show my office to prospective buyers, David coached me on how to do that.  When I had a buyer who was seriously interested, David coached me through every aspect of the negotiation process.  He instructed me on how to introduce the new doctor to my staff and patients, and taught me how to ensure a smooth transition.

Most importantly, David walked me through the process of contract negotiation.  We talked through every aspect and detail of the contract.  When I had my attorney review the contract, he commented on how well done it was, and how well prepared I seemed to be.

Selling a practice can at times be an emotional process, and in David I had an “unemotional sounding board”.  He helped me through the rough spots and made the whole process as painless as possible.  I appreciated how prompt he was at returning calls and emails, and his efficient use of time during our phone consultations.

My practice has now sold and as I look back over the process, I give David and Back Office Consults all the credit.  I just did what he told me to do, and it worked!  The money I spent to hire him saved me thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees.  Dr. Foster is good at what he does; he understands chiropractic, he knows how to sell a practice, and he is fun to work with.   I would highly recommend his services!”

Kristin Northcutt, DC

“My wife does a lot of interviews and hiring for her work and has given me questions which I’ve been asking. Your manual has definitely added some insight and more relevant questions to chiropractic assistants. The skills tests will also be useful. I’m doing second interviews and will have successful candidates come in and spend an hour at the front desk to see the flow. I’ll get them to do the skills test with the CA on that visit.”

Keith Farrugia BSc, DC, FICPA
Forestville NSW Australia 2087
Tel:+61 (2)9453 3233