Practice Purchase

If you have never purchased a practice, or have gone through the process before, you can expect that having an experienced due diligence expert will reduce your risk of error. 

The many questions often asked from doctors looking to purchase a practice are:

  • Is this practice worth the price?
  • What statistics and financials should I ask from the Seller?
  • How do I know if the given statistics are accurate?
  • How do I analyze and perform due diligence on the practice financials?
  • How do I negotiate a fair agreement?
  • What is entailed in a transition; events and term?

Each Buyer situation is unique

The consults are custom tailored to the topics in need. They consist of clear communication and focus.

Prior to the meeting, the buyer communicates by email, a list of topics and issues to discuss, accompanied with any documentation for review.

buy practice


This allows Dr. Foster to become familiar with the details and prepare prior to the consult. Once reviewed a consult is scheduled at time where there will be no interruptions. 

During the consult we discuss each topic in detail, presenting its inherent opportunities and risks.

Please read the article written by Dr. David Foster to learn more about Buying a Practice.

Buy Practice Consult

Each consult is tailored to the unique situation of the doctor.

Dr. Foster will assist in developing a game plan in gathering the needed data, evaluation the data and negotiating the buy. 

All consults are performed when the doctor concentrating clearly, not during office/patient hours. 



To pick Dr. Foster’s brain and discuss your unique, individual situation, contact him for a complementary discovery call.

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