Selling a Practice

Each practice is unique in professional personality, financial and business plan. Through experience and professional relationships, Dr. Foster is able to match the Seller to the most sensible marketing program to a rational Buyer. After analysis Dr. Foster your advocate, creates the path to the optimal Buyer.

Preparing a practice proforma, marketing your practice for sale, fielding inquiries, evaluating prospective buyers and negotiation for contract preparation are tasks that most doctors have never experienced. 

An independent advocate with experience will eliminate the learning curve and maximize your return.

Consulting to Potential Buyers

  • Local chiropractors searching to purchase a satellite office or patient files
  • Hiring an associate doctor with an option to buy
  • Connecting to Independent Contractors with an option to buy.
  • Marketing a practice on your own
  • Contracting with a Chiropractic Practice Broker
  • Marketing to an investment, franchise or multi discipline group
  • Marketing to private equity firms that are currently rolling up chiropractic clinics
Steps to Sell a Practice

Dr. Foster assists you, the seller, through all the steps with guidance and experience. You cannot reach the top step without executing each step on the way, with excellence.

Enjoy this article listing 9 steps to successfully sell your practice, written by Dr, Foster: “Are you thinking of selling your practice?

Selling a practice Consult

Consults consist of a discovery call where key information is discussed at no fee. Once Dr. Foster has a clear understanding of the practice to be sold and feels he can contribute, a second consult can be scheduled. All consults and their content, goals and fees will be established prior to the consult.


To pick Dr. Foster’s brain and discuss your unique, individual situation, contact him for a complementary discovery call.

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