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November 19, 2010

“When I made the decision to sell my chiropractic practice, I started doing some research to learn about the process.  I had no experience in buying or selling a practice, so I knew I needed some guidance.  I came across an article written by Dr. David Foster that was very informative and I decided to give him a call.

There were 3 things that I gleaned from that first conversation with David.  1.) He is a practicing chiropractor and he understands what it was like to currently be in practice.  2) He has had the experience of buying and selling many practices and understands the psychology and emotions of both the buyer and seller.  3) He has good business instincts, common sense, and the ability to be very efficient with time spent in phone consultation.  I came away from that conversation knowing that I had found an ethical, honest, and knowledgeable consultant, and I hired him to help me through the selling process.

David evaluated my practice and helped me come up with a fair price.  By using the Back Office Consults website, I was able to present my practice with statistical accuracy and attractive pictures to prospective buyers.  I was then able to contact the potential buyers who were already educated as to the details of my practice.  This enabled me to keep the sale confidential and kept me from wasting a lot of time on the phone.

When it came time to show my office to prospective buyers, David coached me on how to do that.  When I had a buyer who was seriously interested, David coached me through every aspect of the negotiation process.  He instructed me on how to introduce the new doctor to my staff and patients, and taught me how to ensure a smooth transition.

Most importantly, David walked me through the process of contract negotiation.  We talked through every aspect and detail of the contract.  When I had my attorney review the contract, he commented on how well done it was, and how well prepared I seemed to be.

Selling a practice can at times be an emotional process, and in David I had an “unemotional sounding board”.  He helped me through the rough spots and made the whole process as painless as possible.  I appreciated how prompt he was at returning calls and emails, and his efficient use of time during our phone consultations. 

My practice has now sold and as I look back over the process, I give David and Back Office Consults all the credit.  I just did what he told me to do, and it worked!  The money I spent to hire him saved me thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees.  Dr. Foster is good at what he does; he understands chiropractic, he knows how to sell a practice, and he is fun to work with.   I would highly recommend his services!”


Kristin Northcutt, DC


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