Practice Exit

The present and future of Chiropractic is multidiscipline group practices, centrally managed and professionally financed. 

Dr. Foster has the knowledge, experience and relationships to assist the Chiropractor in this arena.

 Areas of experience include:

  • Advocate/Represent Seller in the creation of a proforma, introduction to qualified Buyer, negotiate and contract development
  • Formation and dissolution of corporate group practices including corporate structure, Shareholder Agreements and buy/sell options
  • Franchise conflict resolution and agreement separation. Dr. Foster has strong relationships and extensive experience with all of the major national Chiropractic franchises. This relationship and experience has great value in franchisor negotiation.
  • Each Chiropractic private equity organization has its unique business model. As Dr. Foster is in relationship with most national equity organizations, he fits a Seller with a model that is synergistic to create the highest return for all parties.
  • Lenders and or investors in the Chiropractic community are unique in that they support the Chiropractic mission in addition to a suitable return on their investment. Dr. Foster has a variety of financial outlets.
Practice Exit

Dr. Foster explains the evolution of Chiropractic in group, franchised and private equity owned facilities in the authored article about evaluating your chiropractic practice published in Chiropractic Economics in January, 2022.

Practice Exit Consult

Consults consist of a discovery call where key information is discussed at no fee.

Once Dr. Foster has a clear understanding of the situation and feels he can contribute, a second consult can be scheduled. All consults and their content, goals and fees will be established prior to the consult.


To pick Dr. Foster’s brain and discuss your unique, individual situation, contact him for a complementary discovery call.

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