Health care professionals do not inherit the art of hiring, it is learned. You can learn it the hard way through experience or from OUR experience. Our course teaches you the skill set which will improve your ability to hire the perfect employee for a specific position.

How to Hire – Front Desk Reception

There is a learned skill to hire the proper person for the proper position. How is your skill?  Do you hire the wrong people for your practice? Do these mistakes cost you in time, effort and money? Does this occur over and over?

The “How to Hire – Front Desk Reception” custom program is a condensed 24 page guide which explains and illustrates the methodology of the hiring process. Designed exclusively for the health care professional, this implementable program will increase your ability many times to hire that perfect person….guaranteed.

We have boiled down the concepts from past and present management gurus into an easily readable instruction manual. The front desk reception manual content starts with your “wish list”, advertisement development and placement, resume evaluation, fifty probing interview questions for phone, group and the individual concluding with the selection process. Throughout this step by step process there are tips and antidotal tales to give you real life rational to the method.

We are so certain that this program will improve your ability to hire we offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you feel that you have not improved your ability to hire to the expectations of this program we will refund your money in full. No questions asked.

If you are not satisfied for any reason we will return your money 

Please read the article written by Dr. David Foster to learn more about how to hire a front desk position.

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How to Hire Front Desk Program:

How to Hire Front Desk Program includes, a 24 page booklet of no fluff “How to Hire” instruction, supported by human resource theory of present day management gurus. The contents of the course is presented for easy comprehension and implementation. This course is tailored specifically for the Front Desk office position. We provide a competency-specific interview guide which includes questions to interview, evaluate and ultimately select the individual that best fits the job.

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