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Contracts and Agreements

When selling your practice or entering into an employee relationship, a bulletproof document with experienced guidance will increase the likelihood of success and decrease personal risk.


Practice Appraisals

An appraisal is needed to substantiate a practice value for a Buyer, Seller, Lender, ex-partner, ex-spouse or any other entity that may challenge value. Our appraisals are professional, accurate and most important justifiable.


Strategic Negotiations

As a Chiropractor you may find yourself in a situation where an experienced strategic consultation will provide clarity and guidance to your issue. As a patient seeks your advice, it may be advantageous to seek advice from others that have experience and success with similar issues that now confront you.


Buying A Practice

Without an experienced eye, purchasing a practice can cause long lasting financial damage. Success is achieved when following your heart and your brain with experienced guidance to work through the search, evaluation and negotiation process.


Selling A Practice

As an alternative to a Chiropractic Practice Broker, where your cost is a percentage of the sale, our decreased cost, a la carte process uses similar marketing techniques with more guidance through the introduction, presentation, negotiation and contract.


How To Hire

Anyone that has hired the wrong person knows the cost in time, energy and money. Learn how to hire the Front Desk and Associate doctor positions using a proven process. Once learned it is yours for life.

Let My Experience Guide You!

The presentation of each consult is a concise summation of management theory by notable “gurus” in addition to twenty-five years of “in the trenches” health care practice management experience.

All consults educate the professional to the subject and enlighten you to potential positive and negative future events. Once schooled to the topic your increased knowledge becomes intellectual insurance to decrease your risk and improve your success rate.

The information within this website will offer practical information which will assist you in defining your problem and working toward a resolution. Each topic is discussed in relationship to the health care environment with links to published articles written by Dr. David Foster offering a practical insight.