Health care professionals do not inherit the art of hiring, it is learned. You can learn it the hard way through experience or from OUR experience. Our course teaches you the skill set which will improve your ability to hire the perfect employee for a specific position.

How to Hire – Associate

Inexperienced Chiropractors will place a nondescript ad when looking for an Associate. Once they receive a resume they will call the prospective Associate and chat. Invite them into the office and chat some more. The doctors have developed a friendship not a business relationship. This approach can cost you in time, energy and lots of money.

The cost of hiring the wrong Associate appears obvious after the negative experience. The goal is to use a proven method to increase your chance of hiring a winner. Your goal is to hire an Associate that will fit your needs, not make a friend.

I have developed a hiring process, an insurance policy, which improves your batting average. The program will teach you how to write an ad, how to evaluate a resume, how to interview, how to determine the Associate’s financial integrity. You will be able to determine with data not feel, if the Associate is worthy of your opportunity.

This program is presented in a sixty to ninety-minute personal phone consult. Materials are sent to you and then discussed in detail. When completed you will be confident and feel in control of the hiring process.


How To Hire – Associate:

How to Hire Associate Doctor Program includes, a 24 page booklet of no fluff “How to Hire” instruction, supported by human resource theory of present day management gurus. The contents of the course is presented for easy comprehension and implementation. This course is tailored specifically for the Associate Doctor position. We provide a competency-specific interview guide which includes questions to interview, evaluate and ultimately select the individual that best fits the job.

If you are not satisfied for any reason we will return your money

PRICE: $350


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