A quality document contains in detail the event or relationship the parties desire to consummate.

The document must define the playing field which the players are to play in addition to look into the future to predict and react to positive and negative events.

Clearly stating the expectations of all parties establishes the plan and goals of the arrangement.

The document must possess the ability to be understood by a third party.  If and when the parties engage in a legal battle this third party must be able to interpret the agreement as it was intended. A quality agreement is insurance that future events will occur according to plan.

As a health care provider you may not have had experience on how to present your thoughts or intentions on paper. Experience plays a large part in crafting a quality document. By having consulted hundreds of health care professionals, each with their unique situation, Dr. Foster will craft a document that fits your specific requirements.

Development of a document from scratch with a legal council that has not been exposed to health care agreements will increase your time, effort and cost in completing this necessity.

Please read the two article links below written by Dr. David Foster to learn more about contracts.

Dynamic Chiropractic December 2001 –
“Chiropractic and Contracts”

The Chiropractic Journal December 2004 –
“Chiropractic Contracts Need Attention to Detail”


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