Buy/Sell Practice Agreement

The Buy/Sell Practice Agreement executes
the transference of practice ownership
clearly and legally.

Dr. Foster assists the selling Physician in the explanation, translation and negotiation of the document. He will guide you through each phase of the buy/sell process. Through his experience, Dr. Foster has the knowledge of the uniqueness of the healthcare transaction; he has the intuitive understanding of the legal, ethical and emotional complexity of the process.

This fully comprehensive and Physician friendly document attends to all of the necessary issues within the buy/sell transaction. With the knowledge that no buy/sell transaction is exactly the same Dr. Foster is able to craft your agreement to its specific needs. The goal is to bring the transaction to completion with the least amount of adversity, time and cost.

Please read the articles below, written by Dr. David Foster, to learn more about selling your practice.

Dynamic Chiropractic 
“Are You Thinking of Selling Your Practice”

Dynamic Chiropractic December 2001 –
“Chiropractic and Contracts”

The Chiropractic Journal December 2004 –
“Chiropractic Contracts Need Attention to Detail”

Buy/Sell Practice Agreement
PRICE: $1,000 – $5,000


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